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Four Job Seeking Tips That Get College Grads Hired!!!

Do you feel you deserve a better career?

Many graduates find it frustrating to see how potential employers overlook their talent. Instead of working at their dream career they find themselves in an average job which does not fulfill their expectations.

Top 40 Jobs In The U.S., And How To Get Them

Analysts at CareerConnected.com searched the internet for information highlighting the top in-demand jobs and best careers in the U.S. across key industries. A list was compiled of jobs by category and/or occupation. For each of the occupations, a job link was provided to a job aggregator. The links were created to help individuals looking for work in these occupations to rapidly find job opportunities in their preferred regions and career choices.

Job Advice For New Graduates

Finishing your college studies and obtaining a degree is really a cause for celebration. After years of sleepless nights trying to fulfill requirements, endless days of doing research and lots of memorization, finally, you are now a proud holder of a college diploma! After you've settled down from the celebrations, it's time to take stock of what your next steps would be. It's time to consider some job advice that could help you know what direction to take to have the best career.

How To Compose And Send An Effective Email To Recruiter

Recruitment executives should be approached with respect and professionalism. When looking for work, you should think carefully about how you use email to send a cover letter or resume. Do not be overly informal or pushy as this is not going to work in your favor. Consider that the number of approaches a recruiter receives on a daily basis is many. An email to recruiter should be composed carefully and with the right structure and language.

Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy - part I

Part I - Does the following describe your situation?

Part I of a 4 part discussion on the job market

Check all that apply:

  • You are in a recent job transition.
  • You need to generate job leads before expenses start to mount
  • You need to find a way to increase job contacts and generate more interviews.
  • You are frustrated with the job leads generated from Job Boards, Online Classifieds, and Job Fairs.
  • You have squeezed all the job leads you can out of your personal network.
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to take your job search to the next level.

How To Find Top Job Boards When Seeking Employment

Though there seems to be a growing sentiment that recruitment firms are the employment placement option of the future, those career-seekers who know how to find top job boards and use them properly can still obtain invaluable benefits. The key is to have the proper system in place to identify and use the best board sites. Here are some tips that can help in that process.

Why can't I find a job now!

If you have been in job search and you are not securing the job leads, interviews, and offers that you expect, then you may be vulnerable to letting self doubt get the best of you when you begin to grill yourself with, "why can't I find a job". Here's the good news, if you are a recent college graduate and you put in long hours to grind through a tough academic curriculum, you are a super star. Con grads! If you were a prior employee of company who lost their job through a mass layoff and are trying to regain your position in a shrinking market segment, then a thank you is in order for the products, services and contributions you’ve added to society to date!

The Ultimate Tips On How To Find A New Job

Everyone needs to work so as to make a living. However, sometimes one might find themselves jobless. There are several reasons that can cause this. Some of them include being fired, retrenched or lack of any form of professional training. Whichever case it is, it is important that you learn how to find a new job.

A Thoughtful Job Guide To A Successful Career

Once you enter high school, you should begin planning for college. Getting to choose a career path to follow is one of the most important decisions one has to make. Most people will spend almost half of their waking hours at their jobs. This makes the decisions on careers to be very critical for those who want to enjoy what they do. The following job guide can make the entire process much simpler and easier.

Master These Steps, On How To Find Your Next New Job

If the question on how to find a new job has crossed your mind in the recent past then there are a number of steps that you have to undertake. Naturally, one should have a resume that is current and updated or one may be required to fill out a job application. However, the different stages of seeking for a job will usually depend on the type of job that you are looking for though the difference may not be that much.

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