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For many years, the traditional western diet has very high in meat and animal fat, lacking in vegetables, fruits and grains. This has made people all over the world extremely vulnerable to heart and blood vessel disease.


Epidemiology is the process of where one is able to study a disease or disorder. The public health department job is to conduct studies that are epidemiological in nature in order to prevent contagious disease from spreading. An epidemiologist is one who understands the rate/risk ratios, rate/risk differences, and measures the impact on the public.

Bradycardia the Hearts Slow Rate

Bradycardia is when the heart rate is less than that of sixty beats per minute. A normal healthy heartbeat is between sixty and one hundred beats per minute. Bradycardia is the opposite of Tachycardia � the condition where the heart beats way to fast.

The Top U.S. Hospitals have 28% Lower Mortality Rate

The American Heart Association did a new study concerning hospitals and their mortality rates. We now know that the top 5 percent in the United States have a 28% lower death rate than other hospitals in the nation. Health Grades is an independent health care ratings company released this information January 29th, 2007. They also found that patients who have surgery at the top-rated hospitals are about five percent less likely to suffer complications than patients at other hospitals are.

Heart disease in Asia

Until recently, heart disease was uncommon in Asian populations. Results from a new study of more than half a million Asians indicate that a large epidemic of heart disease is poised to affect China and many other countries in the region.

Living With Heart Failure-How Congestive Heart Failure Impacts Your Life

Heart failure, as well as all the risks that accompany it, can be a terrifying prospect for any man, woman or child. The impact of a heart, the body's central tool for survival, no longer functioning may seem like the beginning of the end. The good news is, by establishing an effective treatment plan with your cardiologist the prognosis, and the chances for you to lead a normal life, increase exponentially.

Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is a rare disorder that causes the connective tissue in the body to be weaker than it should be. Connective tissue is the material which holds together many structures in the body, such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, heart valves, and more. Because the connective tissue is weaker in Marfan patients, it affects how the heart and blood vessels, eyes, and skeleton are formed as well as how they work.

Why is Peer Review Important in the Publication of Medical Research?

When seeking information on the latest updates in the field of medicine the best place to look is in a peer reviewed scientific journal. It is essential that a journal be peer reviewed to ensure that information is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Ways to reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Many people can do with lowering the risk factors that lead to heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by a group of metabolic risk factors in one person. These include elevated blood pressure. Abdominal obesity (excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen), insulin resistance or glucose intolerance (the body can't properly use insulin or blood sugar).

What is a Myocardial Infarction?

Myocardial infarction (MI) means that part of the heart muscle suddenly loses its blood supply. Without immediate treatment, this can lead to damage to the affected part of the heart. An MI is often called a heart attack or a coronary thrombosis.

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