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Blood Sugar Levels during Labor

Because of all the risks and complications associated with poor control of blood glucose levels during pregnancy it is best to keep them in check all the time. But if there is a time during your pregnancy where it is considered more important to have your blood glucose levels under control it is when you are in labor.

Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetics

The food industry has come up with a solution for people on diets or with diabetes that 
have a sweet tooth. They are known as artificial sweeteners and they are used in 
everything from chewing gum, coffee sweeteners, and even baking. There is some 
controversy over the use of them as some of them are totally synthetic and others are 
derived from the actual sugar plant. But to a diabetic who doesn't want to give up on 
their favorite pop or chewing gum they can be a life-saver.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is also simply known as diabetes. It is
the disease characterized by a malfunctioning metabolism
and a high blood sugar level.

Diabetes and Obesity can Cause Depression

Many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives and people with diabetes 
are no exception. If you are obese and have type 2 diabetes you may blame yourself and 
your lifestyle on the disease you now have. It is hard to adjust to a new lifestyle. Feeling 
down or guilty about this is okay and even normal but if it turns into something more you 
need to seek professional help.

Eat Small Meals throughout the Day

Eating and pregnancy go hand in hand. Even though it doesn't seem fair to be pregnant 
and not get to eat what and when you want it is healthier for you and your baby. The old 
adage of eating for two is true but many women overeat when they are pregnant and gain 
more weight than they should.

Gestational Diabetes � Risks for Moms during Pregnancy

Even though in most cases gestational diabetes is temporary and is rectified after your 
baby is born, it is still serious and needs to be managed properly. You will have the 
support of your doctor and most likely an endocrinologist and a dietician but the actual 
work of eating properly and exercising falls into your lap. There are risks for your baby 
if you don't and risks for yourself too.

High-Fat Foods and the Affect on Blood Sugars

All diets should use fat in moderation as it can lead to an unhealthy body weight and 
heart disease. For a diabetic, controlling fat intake is important for the previous reason in 
addition to the negative affect it can have on blood sugars. Fats can be put into many 
different categories � healthy, non-healthy, saturated, non-saturated, trans-fat, and more. 
But the bottom line with any of kind of fat is to enjoy in moderation. 

Losing Weight and Controlling Blood Sugar

If you are a diabetic and are overweight or considered clinically obese, you can improve 
your overall health and the management of your diabetes by losing weight. It may seem 
like an overwhelming goal if you have tried in the past to lose weight and have failed. 
But there are steps you can take and support you can utilize to help you reach your goals.

Obesity and Pre-Diabetes

You can be diagnosed with pre-diabetes before you actually get diabetes. In pre-diabetes 
you have higher than normal blood sugars but they are not at the level that they would 
need to be in order to be considered diabetic. If you are obese or severely overweight and 
pre-diabetic there are steps you can take to put off the actual diagnosis of diabetes or 
prevent it.

Satisfying a Diabetic Sweet Tooth

Life sometimes doesn't seem fair � you love sweets and are known for your sweet tooth 
but now that you have been diagnosed with diabetes you are afraid you can't have them 
anymore. This isn't entirely true. Yes, if you previously indulged in many sweets you 
can no longer do that (and it may be a contributing factor to way you have type 2 
diabetes). But there are ways that you can satisfy your sweet tooth and stick to your 
diabetic diet.

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