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Cover Letters, Resumes and the Job Hunter

Any good job hunter needs a resume package.  The cover letter and resume always go together and do the same basic thing in slightly different ways. A job hunter without both of them will probably not get very far in the search for a good career position.  

Advice For Writing A Strong Resume p I

Creating a strong, solid resume involves several steps, which, when taken together, prove fruitful for an improved resume.

Ways Of Doing Successful Resume Distribution

It is very true that not everyone who completes their degree or course may have immediate job opportunities; some may stay for so long without getting employed. It is important to know how to maneuver when looking for job opportunities so that one cannot stay idle for long. Applying appropriate strategies of resume distribution can quickly get one employed.

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Job Seekers: It's Time to Conduct a Google Self-Check

It’s no secret that most job seekers don’t fully understand how involved a job search really is. It’s far more in-depth than simply looking for a job, sending in an application and resume and waiting for an interview callback.

Is It Time to Revise Your Six-Figure Resume?

If you’re competing for a six-figure job, then you are certainly up against some of the very best candidates in your field. Every tool contained in your arsenal will be necessary to provide you with an edge—your resume being among the most important. If your resume hasn’t pulled in the results you’ve been hoping for, it may be time to make some revisions. Here are a few tips to ensure your six-figure resume is getting the job done.

Writing the One-Employer Executive Resume

There’s something to be said about sticking with one employer throughout your entire career. You know the company’s corporate culture, have built amazing relationships with members of the staff, and have the benefit of building up a great retirement package.

Get Your Resume Noticed in 5 Steps

Many C-level executives make the mistake of believing that their resumes stand out from others simply because of the exceptional accomplishments they’ve amassed throughout the years. While these top career moments are important, it’s good to remember that every C-level executive has strong accomplishments.

How to Distribute Your Resume the Right Way

Job seekers who hope to be recruited by hiring managers often feel that their job is complete once they have created their resume “masterpiece”.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, a job seeker’s work is just getting started once the resume is complete.  The next move is to figure out how to distribute the document for others to see.  Here are five ways to do it in a way that will get it noticed:

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