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by Ron Cottick

Category: Job Seeker Tools

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Sharing can be a great thing and be very giving. Think about networking, which you should be doing. When you ask someone for leads, contacts, who do you know questions, you are asking them to share with you valuable information. You will not likely use it all and should be willing to share with others, information that you may and may not use. The giving you do is more likely to give more back to you than giving nothing. If you give nothing, that’s usually what you will get in return. The mountain you are looking to climb over, pass through, or, tunnel underneath, can be turned into a gold mine if you mine it! Mine it with shared information.

Self motivate yourself and others around you. Remember when you give, you get. Keeping yourself motivated will be contagious to others and there will be better karma around you during your JOB SEARCH. Think of what you will learn during your JOB SEARCH, the value it has, how you can put it to use or how it can be shared with others. Appreciate the tools you have to assist you in your JOB SEARCH such as your computer, your Internet connection and the Internet itself. Look at the material, tips, BLOG’s and FORUMS that are out there to offer help for the JOB SEARCH. Be motivated to utilize all the tools at your disposal and enhance your JOB SEARCH results. You smile and you get a smile back. When you are cheerful, you get cheerful back. When you motivate, you get motivated back. When you give, you get back. That is turning the mountain into the gold mine!    

Communicating dovetails into sharing and motivating as well as networking. You can’t share or motivate without communicating. Information can be very valuable but is impossible to get without a form of communication, whether it is verbal or written. What you are looking for in your JOB SEARCH will very well come to your through communication. That makes communication essential.

When you appreciate all you have going for you, you will be better able to illustrate that to your audience in the JOB SEARCH. Appreciate the education, training, mentoring, seminars and anything else you have received that has help grow your career. They all have value and can be used to market yourself to your profession, your industry. When you appreciate what you have you take better care of it and know the value that it has.  Have an enthusiastic and positive attitude about who you are and what you can do and market that value. It will pay off.

Celebration of success can be done for the small successes you have while you march on to the ultimate success of getting a job. You do research and find the name of a hiring manager! You network and are given the name of a company hiring or other leads. These examples can be cause for celebration. They are examples of “climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath, or, simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine”. You are finding your way to the gold mine or turning the mountain into a gold mine. Celebrate the steps in your JOB SEARCH. It will help you get through it better. 

I had to be far more careful about this in the past than I need to be now. I was not the best listener and many times talked too much, listened too little. Over the years spent in staffing, I have learned and now know the value of and the art of listening. When you communicate with others, listen carefully for the value you can get out of the conversation. There will also be unsolicited hints in the conversation that you may miss if you don’t listen well enough. Listen for the hints and ask questions relative to them. You may find the gold in the mountain. Listen and you shell learn.

Set some reasonable goals for yourself and exceed them. Have some flexibility built in and don’t get concerned if you miss a time line or a goal. You can always reset or adjust based on the situation. What is most important is setting expectations and making every effort to meet them. Exceeding is putting your best foot forward, doing the best you can and more. When I work on my cars (my hobby) doing bodywork my wife likes to check on me to see what I am doing and how it is going. When she sees that I made a change in a design, am redoing bodywork, or, whatever the case, she says it appears I made a mistake and am redoing it. I say, no, it is a design change. I remind her that car builders don’t make mistakes, they make design changes. The design change is intended to continue to do better. If you make a mistake, not accomplish an objective or need to redo something, make a “design” change. 

Sometimes you may feel you have no control and in some instances, such as over the Hiring Manager who is deciding who they want to hire, you may not, however, you have more control than you are taking credit for. If you are working with a Recruiter, they have control over who they market you to, how it will be done and the effort that will be put forth. When you market yourself, you are in control. Don’t ever depend entirely on someone else to do what you can do yourself. Your JOB SEARCH is too important to pass onto someone else, particularly someone who doesn’t feel the same pain as you having to search for a job when they currently have one. You can share control when it comes to recruiters but you want to take control and keep control. Generally, whoever has control gets the win. 

Swim upstream and be a winner. There is an 80/20 rule to share here. 80% of job seekers focus their JOB SEARCH on where 20% of the jobs are located, the Internet job boards. This 80% continually do the same thing over and over and are getting the same results. They don’t know of anything else or do not do anything else to get a different result and wonder why and/or when they will get a different result. Sooner or later they may. What they probably never heard of, or, don’t know of is the definition of insanity. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That’s what 80% of job seekers do. Be 20% er, do research, call companies you never talked to before, call hiring managers you don’t know, network with people new to you. Pull out all the stops. Use the Internet as a tool for research and as an additional source, but not as your only source. “When faced with a mountain, I WILL NOT QUIT! I will keep striving until I climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath, or, simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine”. Now get out there and turn that mountain into a gold mine.

What you BELIEVE, and CONCEIVE, you will ACHIEVE. 

This article is meant to be more inspirational and motivational than functional in process. Other articles have been written on the mechanics of the JOB SEARCH. I suggest you go to:


Now, go out and SEIZE the DAY!

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