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Don't Rain on My Job Search

by CareerAlley

Category: Job Seeker Tools

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So maybe you've been looking for a job for several months, using one or more of the "time tested" approaches to job search and have not yet found a job. Possibly, you've had some leads or maybe even some interviews, but nothing has clicked for you. Your friends and family are quick to tell you all of the things you should try (and each one has a different view of "the best way to look for a job"). You know how job search is, so much of it is timing. The best resume in the world won't get the job if it arrives after the next best person has been hired. But, so much of job search is also doing the "right" things. Now, what's right for me may not be right for you (confused yet?). One thing is certain, if you are not getting any leads or interviews then it is time to try something new or different. In fact, you probably want to change up some aspects of your job search every so often. So, put your umbrella away and let's consider some job search alternatives.

  • Not Qualified For A Job? Don’t Apply - This article is the perfect place to start, because identifies one chronic habit of many job hunters. Posted on Timsstrategy.com and written by Tim Tyrell-Smith, the article gets right to the heart of the problem. The article defines some of the risks of applying for jobs where you are not qualified. There are a few embedded links to related material, as well as a listing of related articles at the bottom of the page. While you are there, check out some of the great resources and advice on the site.

  • Targeted Cover Letters - Sometimes you need to narrow your search and focus on specific jobs rather than throwing a large net and hoping you catch something. This article, from Alison Doyle on About.com,  covers this point. As the article points out, recruiters and hiring managers are buried in responses to posted jobs. How can you stand out in the crowd? Send a targeted cover letter. Don't know how? Take a look at this article for a few great tips.

  • Are you there Job? It’s me, Amanda: How to find and keep your focus - Reading this you will realize immediately that you are not alone. If you've been looking for a job for any length of time (without success) you begin to develop a complex - "Is there something wrong with me"? The answer, of course, is not. Amanda lists 7 great tips to help you refocus. While you are on the site (sorry, forgot to mention - resumemascara.com), take a look at some of the topics and links on the right hand side of the page.

  • Job Search Checklist –A great checklist from Quintcareers.com, it is divided by each major component of the job search with embedded “read more” links for each item. This 5 part checklist starts with planning and ends with follow-up. Don’t forget to check all of the related links on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Ten Surefire Ways to Organize Your Job Search - Another good article from Quintcareers.com to help you organize and refocus your job search. Great tips, from "Don't Procrastinate" to "Build your Network", each tip provides an overview and most include related links. Whether you are just starting your job search or re-focusing, this article will help in your job hunt.

Good luck in your search.

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by CollegeRecruiter.com, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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