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New Revenues!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Match applicants to best-fit jobs with our organizational survey tool.
  • Increase productivity with management tools for corporate clients, employers and candidates.
  • Work remotely and access all your info from anywhere, at any time!
  • Provide one-stop-shopping for Career Content, Job Search Planning, and Personal Marketing Tools.
  • Service more clients in less time.

Flex your Marketing Muscle with Value-Added Services

  • Give corporate clients a powerful turn-key outplacement solution they can personalize and implement immediately!
  • Give corporate hiring managers time-saving tools and superior metrics to monitor progress.
  • Provide employers with a secure log-in system, with access to progress reports, appointment tracker and resume search of your talent pool.
  • Showcase your top candidates in a private, customized online presentation.
  • Supply job search candidates with a high-tech suite of career transition tools.
  • Service a larger talent pool by giving paid access to a closed-loop portal of personalized job leads, updated corporate information and success training modules.

CareerWizPro Pays Dividends!

CareerWizPro contains everything your recruiting firm needs to increase services while decreasing time and overhead, boost passive revenues and create a win-win for your company and clients.

Become Indispensable to your Clients
Give clients a powerful, personalized career management solution they can implement immediately!

Convert Cold Resumes into a Hot Income Stream
Become a Career Wiz Pro reseller and benefit from a turn-key, passive income stream!

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