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      Our Vision.

      is a professional networking and career management portal that is dedicated to maximizing career advancement and job security for its members.

      Our portal
      centralizes resources to help you to:

          Free Career Tools Meet Professionals & Network...
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          Strengthen relationships...
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          Share information...
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          Find the work you desire...
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          Move your career ahead...
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      Why was CareerConnected.Com created?

      Years ago my [the founder] IT mid-level management position was eliminated along with about 2000 other highly skilled employees. For the first time in my career I discovered two unfortunate realities that previously I took for granted. I didn’t have strong network of business contacts to leverage and my resume was not as effective as it needed to be in order to compete with the 35 million other displaced workers on popular job web sites. In a downward spiraling job market my employment prospects were very slim.

      What profound lessons can be learned?

      As I began to resurrect my career I to paid close attention to the methodologies and tactics that helped me to boost opportunities and accomplish my goals.

      "One of most profound lessons I learned was that job seekers tended to focus on chasing jobs leads found on job sites and classified ads because it was a passive approach to job searching – but it was not the most effective."

      I knew I needed a more proactive approach to career management. That's when I assembled a team of professionals in human resources and technology to automate the career planning processes and integrate them with corporate research and online professional networking.

      CareerConnected.com combines these technologies and career strategies into CareerWizPro. CareerWizPro is a centralized social job search app that helps applicants and separated employees become more productive and see more results. CareerWizPro’s design methodology provides job support in six phases:

      Free Career Tools Career Planning
      Free Career Tools Job Readiness
      Free Career Tools Targeting Companies
      Free Career Tools Managing Contacts
      Free Career Tools Communications and Survey Reporting

      How is CareerConnected.Com unique?

      CareerConnected.com integrates a library of over 3000 specialized career, business, health and wellness tools and articles including:  

      CareerWizPro  - combat job search fatigue with over 15 top job transition tools!
      Career Cafe - a comprehensive career blog of thoughtful advice and self-help tips.
      Two Job Boards that provide over 5 millions active listings.
      Ask-Answer-Discover - career advice from members.
      Discussion Boards with professional participation.
      A Diversity Event Calendar that tracks annual conferences of professional associations.
      A Photo Gallery collection of photos and images reflecting on urban landmarks and business, career, and cultural activities.
      Expand your organization's e-brand with Virtual Office.
      Help Center get answers to your frequently asked questions.

      I am not looking for a job, so why should I join?

      In the past, a good education and strong resume could guarantee a long and successful career. Unfortunately that career model is extinct.

      The new model today depends as much on who you know as it does on what you know. It also demands that you stay on top of changing technologies as well as securing access to essential business resources.

      The realty of building a career network is that it is hard work! Today's work demands make it extremely difficult to cultivate relationships and stay on top of career content. Our career portal makes it productive, easy and fun.