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Finding Work In A Tough Economy
Download our 38 page career guide packed with the ultimate job search survival tactics... tell me more...

Resume Writing Secrets
Discover The Hidden Rules & Secrets Of Crafting A Professional Resume... tell me more...

Interview Techniques
Learn How To Impress Employers And Get Hired...
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100 Cover Letter Tips
100 Cover Letter Tips Every Job Seeker Should Know...
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LinkedIn Quick Start Guide
Download our 35 page career guide and start building your own network of job referrals.... tell me more...

Job Hunting Know How
15 Day email Crash Course
Learn what your don't know about job searching and should be doing differently...
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Introducing CareerWizPro, 15 in 1 Job Search App
Optimize your Job Search, Tap into the Hidden Job Market and Stay Steps Ahead of the Competition with leading edge online Job Hunting Tools!.  tell me more...

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Lock down job offers with professional resume profiles
Create an online professional resume profiles that sets you apart from your competition. Set up is easy, quick, and free. Provide potential employer with complete portfolio of your achievements. tell me more...

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Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan!
We provide an assortment of self-help tools and career advice from the experts to help to get the job your deserve and to fast track your career afterwards.

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Free Sample Cover Letters

Find a cover letter template that gets you in the door
Find cover letter templates that generate interest, highlight your achievements, and lock down interviews opportunities. tell me more...

Interview Advice

Increase your interviewing IQ
Leverage the advice of career professionals to discuss proven concepts and strategies to take your interview IQ to the next level. tell me more...

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Engage Direct Employers - Uncover Unadvertised Jobs
Best 100 Employers
Top MBA Employers
Top IT Employers
Best Companies For Minorities
Best Companies For Older Workers

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Connect With Recruiters - Find Out Who's Hiring Now
Use our exclusive database of recruiter and hiring manager contacts to identify recruiters by specialty and region. Post resumes instantly, track contact activity, rate and share your experiences with members.  tell me more...

Job Bank

Find active job listings

Job Bank provides members with active job listings from our base of over 14 thousand job contacts. Uncover hidden jobs that you will only see here first! View all jobs...

Are You Linked-In, But Not Fired Up?

Get Fired Up Again!
LinkedIn ignited a social networking revolution by enabling over fifty million strangers to connect to static career profiles.

So why aren't you feeling fired up... tell me more...

Career Articles

Expert advice and tips to fast track your career

Find articles on a wide range of career topics from industry experts that will provide you with deep insight and solutions to career issues. Articles include resume writing, interviewing, job search tips, and career advancement. tell me more...

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Featured Job Transition Guide...

The Truth About Job Hunting In The U.S.!

Check all that apply:

    • You are in a recent job transition.
    • You need to generate job leads before expenses start to mount
    • You need to find a way to increase job contacts and generate more interviews.
    • You are frustrated with the job leads generated from Job Boards, Online Classifieds, and Job Fairs.
    • You have squeezed all the job leads you can out of your personal network.
    • You are ready to do whatever it takes to take your job search to the next level.
Learn a Jobseeker’s Secret Weapon
Featured Articles On Career Cafe...

Find out which job search strategies are most productive and which ones may be holding your career back...

In this section, our analyst have compiled a list of the top articles posted that offer a perspective on how to find work or avoid unproductive strategies that waste your time. If you are looking for some fresh perspective on a very challenging topic, then you will want to explore all of the content in this section.

 Why Can't I Find Job Now
 Job Advice For New Graduates
  Sending Effective Emails To Recruiters
 A Thoughtful Job Guide...
 Mistakes People Make When Job Hunting
 How To Plan For Personal Development
 Job Search Tips For The Unemployed
 How To Find A New Job
 What Is A Career Plan...
 Sample Cover Letters
Make Your Resume Work Smarter...
A New Career Portal Offers Jobseekers Creative Alternatives
...This portal also contains an embedded job transition tool called CareerWizPro.
Top 40 Jobs In The U.S., And How To Get Them
Analysts at searched the internet for information highlighting the top in-demand jobs and best careers in the U.S. across key industries...
Why can't I find a job now!
If you have been in job search and you are not securing the job leads, interviews, and offers that you expect, then you may be vulnerable to letting self doubt get the best of you when you begin to grill yourself with, "why can't I find a job".
Ways Of Doing Successful Resume Distribution
It is very true that not everyone who completes their degree or course may have immediate job opportunities; some may stay for so long without getting employed.
Five Step Plan For Finding Jobs...'s CareerWizPro resume distribution tools submit resumes to targeted hiring contacts, logs outbound emails and builds contact profiles for work search follow-up actions.
Job Advice For New Graduates...
Finishing your college studies and obtaining a degree is really a cause for celebration. After years of sleepless nights trying to fulfill requirements, endless days of doing research and lots of memorization, finally, you are now a proud holder of a college diploma!
5 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn't Gettng Any Attention
Finishing your college studies and obtaining a degree is really a cause for celebration. After years of sleepless nights trying to fulfill requirements, endless days of doing research and lots of memorization, finally, you are now a proud holder of a college diploma!
Featured Articles On Networking Like a Pro...
Personal Marketing
People are always looking for better job openings with regard to the current unemployment status that is being witnessed.... 
Why Small Organizations Mean Big Business...
- In the movie "You've Got Mail", the sub-plot aside from the love angle is that the heroine (played by Meg Ryan) was forced out of business when the big-time bookstore owner (played by Tom Hanks) moved into town...

Make Networking Work For You
- Most people do not use one of the most powerful job search techniques, networking. Perhaps the word "networking" conjures up images of one approaching strangers and asking them for a job....

Top 40 US Jobs, Tips On How To Get One... 
- Today, job aggregators provide recent college graduates and professionals with an effective method for visiting hundreds of jobs boards from one access point...

Health & Wellness Tips...
We spend so much time managing our career - use these helpful tips to manage your Health & Wellness...

In this section, Career Cafe partners with leading health care professionals to present essential information relating to improving our health and fitness. Review our articles below and discover over 500 ways to stay on top of important issues regarding your quality of health and wellness.

 Healthy Life
 Health Herbs
 Health Insurance
 Organic Foods
 Green Tea
 Weight Gain
 Weight Loss
 Heart Disease
 Blood Pressure
 Back Pain

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