Building a partnership on trust, connection and detailed, personal information. That’s the special talent of a Career Consultant. CareerWizPro was made for you!

A trained and certified Career Coach is skilled at enabling clients to identify their core personal and workplace strengths. They help downsized, transitioning and terminated executives to draw upon their innate talents and life experiences. The mission of a certified coach or consultant is to support and empower their clients to clarify their career path, create new goals and implement a strategy for success.

What if you were able to give your clients an online tool with over 15 interactive features that accelerates and clarifies the job search and career transition process? CareerWizPro is that platform, and it gives you, the Career Consultant, a system of benchmarks and reporting to monitor your client’s progress every step of the way. Take a quick tour to see all the features.

What can you expect by adding CareerWizPro to your practice?

Extend your Touch and Enrich the Client Experience

You can’t be available to clients 24/7…or can you? With CareerWizPro as your partner, it’s like having an extension of your personal services around-the-clock. With CareerWizPro clients can:

  • Master the art of personal marketing with career planning assessment tools, formal marketing plans and outreach tracking.
  • Build resumes that work with our multimedia-enabled feature-rich resume builder; technically designed for maximum online visibility.
  • Mine the golden opportunities in social networks. Using a sophisticated closed-loop system, jobseekers build a proprietary network of tipsters, helpers and supporters. Targeted search and peer-to-peer forums included.
  • Leverage hidden contacts for insider interviews with access to proprietary databases and research modules, a peer-to-prospect referral system and integrated contact lead tracking.
  • Automate job search tasks: store multiple resumes; sort and send in one click. Access millions of job listings from a single portal. Save, sort and search.
  • Gain competitive advantage with our Knowledge Base. Get practical help in marketing, resume building, networking, interviewing, and more from a constantly-updated repository of resources.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

CareerWizPro saves money and time, increases your effectiveness and increases your income – even while you sleep!

  • Become a CareerWizPro affiliate and gain ongoing residuals from current and past clients, and their referrals.
  • Increase your service offerings with no start-up costs.
  • Reduce overhead spent on remote office counseling.
  • Leverage our corporate and recruiter database to grow your business.
  • Manage business and individual accounts from the same portal, with 24/7 access.
  • Serve more clients and scale your consultancy.
  • Customize services within the application for added revenue and client control.

CareerWizPro lets you Shine!

CareerWizPro is the perfect partner career consulting firms need to provide next-level service to a hungry and demanding marketplace. Increase the value of your company while decreasing time and overhead, boost passive revenues and create a win-win for you and the jobseeker.

Take a quick tour now,or contact us to set up a demo session.


CareerWizPro  - combat job search fatigue with over 15 top job transition tools that get your resume noticed and your career on track. Generate and control targeted job interview opportunities with thousands of hiring managers and job contacts!