Learning Centers: Beat the After-School Hiring Curve: CareerWizPro is one Easy, Giant Step Forward to Increasing your Value to Prospects, Enrollees and Alumni!

Your educational facility prides itself on creating a safe, enriching and comfortable environment that is best conducive to learning. You arm your students with a heavy but extremely worthwhile curriculum to be as prepared as possible for their chosen career or supplemental skill. But as they are about to make their exit, do they have a post-graduate exit strategy in place? It’s a job jungle out there. You can give your students more than a roadmap and handshake. Give them the equivalent of a high-tech GPS system and a copilot. CareerWizPro, our co-branded career management and job placement software can be with your students every step of the way, before and after graduation!

What type of learning centers can benefit from CareerWizPro?

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Career Institutes and Job Retraining Centers
  • Medical and Holistic Healthcare Training Centers
  • Business Education Centers
  • City, State and Government Agencies
  • Certification and Training Schools
  • Training Academies
  • Distance Learning and Online Universities

Help your graduating classes put their training to work ASAP. With a subscription to your school’s co-branded, turn-key Job Placement  application CareerWizPro, students will:

  • Receive 24/7 always-on access to career support and job search planning.
  • Master the art of personal marketing with career planning assessment tools, formal marketing plans and outreach tracking.
  • Build resumes that work with our multimedia-enabled feature-rich resume builder; technically designed for maximum online visibility.
  • Mine the golden opportunities in social networks. Using a sophisticated closed-loop system, jobseekers build a proprietary network of tipsters, helpers and supporters. Targeted search and peer-to-peer forums included.
  • Leverage hidden contacts for insider interviews with access to proprietary databases and research modules, a peer-to-prospect referral system and integrated contact lead tracking.
  • Automate job search tasks: store multiple resumes; sort and send in one click. Access millions of job listings from a single portal. Save, sort and search.
  • Gain competitive advantage with our Knowledge Base. Get practical help in marketing, resume building, networking, interviewing, and more from a constantly-updated repository of resources.

What can you expect by adding CareerWizPro to supplement your career placement advisory services?

Enhance your learning institution’s reputation and positive word - of - mouth by providing a seamless path to transition. What’s the best and most economical way to increase enrollments? It’s referrals from former students, of course. Nothing sells success like success. As the buzz builds from your track record of job placements and post-grad guidance, so do your inquiries and new registrations.

And there’s more to gain!

  • Become a CareerWizPro affiliate and receive ongoing residuals from current and past students, and their referrals.
  • Increase your service offerings with no start-up costs.
  • Reduce overhead spent on counselors and remote office counseling.
  • Mine our corporate and recruiter database for leads, referrals and custom placements.
  • Share with your marketing communications department: Create customized reports that track students’ progress to showcase and track the efficacy of your programs and your students’ results in the marketplace.
  • Use the data collected in the system as a powerful market research tool to determine business and market trends that affect your program development and offerings.

CareerWizPro increases student satisfaction!

CareerWizPro is the perfect partner learning institutions need to meet the needs and growing expectations of a competitive and demanding graduate pool. Varnish your school’s value and reputation while increasing services, decreasing overhead, priming the marketing pump and introducing a new revenue stream.

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