How to grow your Career Coaching / Resume Service Provider business with!

Career Coaches and Resume Service Providers can build new clients quickly by offering some starter service packages with CareerWizPro’s career planning and professional networking modules.

For example, you can start a relationship with a potential client by opening a membership on – it’s free to register new members. Once members are registered, connect them to your professional profile on

Now that an account is set up and a bond is created between you and the prospective client, you can start to expand your relationship by offering clients an assortment of online professional career services. These services can be set up within minutes...


Here are few package arrangements to consider:

    1. Build an inviting Career Profile. A career profiles tell a story about who you are, what you have done, and why a potential member might want to connect with you and share information and contacts. Hand-hold clients slightly during set up phase and it will create an important foundation of trust as you help your clients to build solid networking framework.

    2. Help your clients to identify potential partners to network with. Create a profile for yourself or company on CareerConnected. Now dust off the folder of resumes that you archive on your hard drive and invite them to connect with you on CWP. These connections provide an immediate network of contacts for our clients to connect to.

    3. Create a "Career Resource Wall". Give clients a great reason to connect with you. CWP enables you to link to your favorite online career content and share comments with visitors. Now invite contacts to  review your Career Resource Wall and share comments and content ratings. As you bring on more clients and clients create referral membership, the opportunity for productive connections will mushroom.

    4. Become a Subject Matter Expert. Provide career advice on client concerns and post issues with CWP’s Ask-Answer-Discover module. CWP’s Ask-Answer module provides automaton that makes this simple. Your clients ask questions on line and you post answers that they can review and refer to new clients. Exposing the AAD will enable to them grow from content related prior questions and answers.

    5. Write articles and publish them on the CC’s internal career blog Career Café. Write articles from CC and build a reputation as a Subject Matter Expert within these online communities. Your articles will generate referrals.

    6. Create an online digital resume. CWP provides a resume builder that creates a stunningly attractive digital resumes for a hiring manager or job contact to review. You can use CC’s in-house resume build tool to assemble a resume within minutes and it’s free.

    7. Identify key marketable skills. CWP provides an assessment module to help clients clarify their in-demand skills. Help clients gain valuable insights into their career strengths' and weaknesses and you will build a relationship for life.

    8. Build a Personal Marketing Plan. Use CWP to help clients to take an inventory of their career needs including salary requirements, location need, industry specialties and job blockers. They will appreciate the extra effort and rewards you with business and referral contacts.

    9. Build a Position Statement. Use CWP to help your clients build a message to employers about who you are and what you have done in your career.

    10. Build an Accomplishment statement. Help your clients to build out a career message for employers that sells their best accomplishments. CWP has modules that make the set up a breeze.

    11. Build an Exit Statement. Use CWP to help your clients build a message that explains, in a clear and concise way the reasons why you left your last employer.

    12. Engage Executive Recruiters in your search. Help clients to identify key recruiters within their industry that can help them to target hiring contacts. CWP has modules that can help your clients identify recruiters in their field and region.

    13. Electronically distribute resumes. One way to get your clients in front of jobs contacts quickly is to broadcast their resumes to top contacts in their industry. CWP recruiter directories can locate contacts and broadcast resumes automatically.

    14. Find hidden job contacts. Help clients to find job opportunities that are not generally exposed to the public. CWP has business directories that can help users find company contacts and identify jobs from company job boards before they are released to the general public.

    16. Provide access to Job Aggregators. CWP provides members with access to Job Aggregators. These are specialized services that scrape jobs from multiple website to centralize job posting to the member.

    17. Tell-A-Friend. Clients that are happy with the support from their coach will tell-a-friend. CWP enables members to refer clients to the application and generate word-of-mouth business for the coach.

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