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CareerWizPro At-a-Glance

What’s Included in CareerWizPro’s Six-Step Online Career Transition Portal

I. The Personal Career Planning and Self-Assessment Module

This section of the portal contains all the tools a transitioning executive needs to create a career outreach plan, form positive habits of self discipline in systematizing their job search, and build and execute a personal marketing plan.

Tools Included:

  • The Jobseeker’s Handbook
  • Transferable Skills Assessment
  • Personal Marketing Plan Builder
  • Position Statement Builder
  • Exit Statement Builder
  • Accomplishment Case Study Builder

II. The Resume and Cover Letter Module

Structure an attention-getting resume and cover letter. Create several and store by category.

Tools Included:

  • Professional Resume Builder
  • Professional Cover Letter Builder
  • Job Interview Preparation and Tips
  • Store personal references

III. Market Research and Promotion Module

Put your Personal Marketing Plan into action with the help of these powerful aids.

Tools Included:

  • Research your top company targets by industry sector using our search engine.
  • Easily identify the key contacts for your top-picked companies.
  • Research corporate sites for hidden opportunities – we show you how.
  • Search our carefully culled list of Job Banks for best keyword and profile matches.
  • Identify best recruiter contacts.
  • Save and organize information and searches in your personal account and database.
  • Set up alerts in our network of Job Banks.

IV. Outreach and Promotion Module

You are now perfectly prepared to put the “pedal to the metal” in an organized and streamlined fashion.

Tools Included:

  • Electronically distribute and track your resume and cover letter submissions from your personal dashboard using our mail merge system.
  • Distribute your target list privately to those in your network to mine close degrees of separation. We’ve set up the system for you.
  • Promote yourself through business social networks. Build up your profile and brand.
  • Get noticed and get the inside track: Participate in industry community forums and blogs.
  • Keep track of your new industry contacts with follow-up reminders.
  • Event calendar helps you stay on top of networking events and Job Fairs.

V. Stay on Track with the Career Report Module

It’s never been easier and more intuitive to stay on top of your outreach efforts.

Tools Included:

View quick snapshots or detailed reports:

  • Number of resumes created.
  • Number of cover letters created.
  • Time of resume in the market.
  • Resumes sent out, by date and recipient
  • Resumes viewed.
  • Number of mail merge distributions.
  • Number of corporate contacts.
  • Number of interviews.
  • Number of corporate site visits
  • Job Fair and networking event attendance record.

VI. Career Research Library Module

Return here anytime and often for research, best practices and up-to-the-minute news and advice.

Tools Included:

  • Personal Assessment Library
  • Cover Letter Advisor
  • Resume Advisor
  • Interview Advisor
  • Expert columns, industry and marketplace news.