Job hunting mistakes

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Job hunting mistakes - Sunday, May 27, 2012 4:02 PM
Recent college grads are often eager to enter the workforce. They have high expectations of landing their dream jobs. However, many college students are unprepared or don`t know how to properly apply for jobs. Job hunting mistakes are one of the main reasons for not finding a job. By avoiding common mistakes, students greatly increase their chances of getting hired.

Not Reading the Job Post Carefully

Many people reading through numerous job advertisements just skim each ad to save time. For job ads that appeal to you, it is important to read them a few times to fully understand what the job entails and to know if you have the necessary qualifications. College students stand the best chance of getting an interview if they are a good fit for the company. The only way to know this is
by reading the job ad closely. A student should not apply for a job simply because the job sounds glamorous or pays well.

Not Following the Directions

Companies want employees that are detail-orientated and can follow directions. If you don`t supply the information requested in the job ad, the hiring manager rejects your application very quickly. It is important to supply any requested information to show that you read the job ad and can follow instructions.

Supplying a Generic Cover Letter

Most companies want a cover letter that is tailored for the advertised job. While it is time consuming when you plan to send out hundreds of resumes, it is important to make adjustments to your cover letter to fit the job you are applying for. Mention how your experience relates to some of the job requirements. Personalize the cover letter to show that you have some information about the company you want to work for.

Being Negative in the Job Interview

The job interview is an excellent way to present yourself as a strong candidate. By being enthusiastic about the opportunity, you indicate that you would be a welcome addition to the staff. When answering questions, focus on the positive aspects of your education and work experience. Don`t complain about a bad boss or talk about incompetent co-workers. Discuss the good things you liked about previous jobs or experiences. Also, don`t forget to be on time for the interview. In fact, be early. This shows a desire to do your best.

Thinking Only About What You Want

Most job applicants, including recent college grads, want a well-paying job, room for advancement and challenging and interesting work. However, the best way to get hired is to focus on what you can do for the company. Companies want employees that are an asset and that offer skills and ideas that help to make the company more profitable. You need to know what special talents you bring to the job that other candidates can`t offer. This requires knowing your strengths (and any weakness) and having some idea of how you can help the company. Are you a morale booster? A tireless worker? A quick study? Focus on what you can offer the company and convey this during the interview and in the cover letter.
There are many things a college student needs to be aware of during the job hunt. Writing a good cover letter and resume are just the beginning. With so many websites, books and workshops available to help college students to find a job, the smart thing is to take advantage of these job hunting resources.
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