Magic Signs: Its time to leave your job when…

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Magic Signs: Its time to leave your job when… - Friday, September 04, 2009 11:44 PM
Here are 10 ways to know when it's the right time to move on from your present job into a new role.
 1. Friends/family ban you from mentioning "work" after hearing countless complaints.
 2. You do not share your company's values/goals.
 3. You've started making a voodoo doll of your boss.
 4. Your standards slip. You come to work late, make silly mistakes, tell white lies to cover your tracks.
 5. You're burnt-out – insomnia, hair loss, skin rashes, nightmares, feeling blue, stress eating/not eating,
 anxiety attacks.
 6. You could do your job in your sleep. You're constantly watching the clock and every minute feels like an hour.
 7. Once known as easy going, you're now constantly snapping at people.
 8. The boss has all the control. You have no input into how you do your job.
 9. The phrase: "That's not in my job description" has become your personal mantra.
 10. There is nowhere for you to go in the organization