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      Thank you for visiting is a professional networking career portal that is dedicated to maximizing career advancement and job security for its members. Our site provides an online environment where employees, association members, alumni, career coaches, executive recruiters, employment agencies, and career support organizations can exchange ideas and collaborate on a range of career, business, and healthcare topics.

      How is unique? seeks to provide an environment where career focused content can enrich the lives of our members and help them to achieve their life goals.
      To that end, integrates a library of specialized career, business, and health and wellness applications including:

      Career News PortalAsk-Answer-Discover career and healthcare knowledgebase
      Career News PortalCareerWizPro job hunting application
      Career News PortalBusiness profiles with Virtual Office
      Career News PortalTwo Job Boards [an external job lead aggregator and an internal referral repository]
      Career News PortalA Career Articles portal with thoughtful advice and self-help tips
      Career News PortalA Career Link Directory with hundreds of links to essential career and job resources
      Career News PortalAn active Discussion Board with industry and organizational based community participation
      Career News PortalAn Event Calendar that tracks annual conferences of professional associations

      Career News PortalFinancial Tools for the purpose of demystifying wealth building concepts

      For members who are about to enter into a job transition or are actively seeking employment, CareerWizPro provides access to jobs, resume distribution, company contacts, and participation in progressive discussion forums. The integration of CareerWizPro's powerful job transition application into CCM professional networking framework enables members to fully leverage the benefits of networking.

      CCM has also added the robust functionality of an Ask-Answer-Discover knowledgebase. This application helps members to share essential information on a broad range of topics to help them to make more informed decisions.

      CCM has also added a first of it's kind module called "Virtual Office". Members with an entrepreneurial  edge or a small division of a company or organization can use this module to leverage all of the power of social media to build an e-brand and connect with their patrons and visitiors.

      I am not looking for a job, so why should I join?

      In the past, a good education and strong resume could guarantee a long and successful career. Unfortunately that career model is extinct. The new model today depends as much on who you know as it does on what you know. It also demands that you stay on top of changing technologies as well as securing access to essential business resources.

      The realty of building a career network is that it is hard work! Today's work demands make it extremely difficult to cultivate relationships and stay on top of career content. Our career portal makes it productive, easy and fun. CareerConnected centralizes resources to help you to:

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