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Portfolio Manager (PM) provides an educational and fun way to create and review a monthly investment portfolio.

Portfolio Manager enables visitors to:

    • Create a monthly budget for investing.
    • Apply your budget to a pre-package investment plans.
    • Apply an assortment of stock funds based upon investment objects.
    • Apply real-world market prices to selected funds.
    • Allocate funds based upon portfolio ratios and monthly investments.
    • Set up investment plans and have fun!!!
Click on the change button if you would like to increase the size of your monthly investments.

Enter Amount Budgeted For Investing:
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Select a portfolio strategy...

Choose from list of pre-package investment plans below and click the [Select] button:

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Now it's time to invest...

Complete your investment portfolio by adding investment funds!
  • Portfolio Manager analyzes your portfolio and sets aside a list of stock funds that match the Fund Description of the investment plan you selected. To finish this section, select a fund from the lists set up for you in the Funds Tables in the left column of the screen. Your task is complete when you have selected a fund for each investment category under the fund description in your portfolio below.
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Simple Agressive Portfolio
Key: *B = Budget Percent, *S = Shares
(%) Fund Description Symbol Price (*B) (*S)
 Large - Cap 0.00 300.00 0.00
 Small / Mid - Cap   0.00  300.00  0.00  
 Foreign   0.00  300.00  0.00  
 Money Market   0.00  150.00  0.00  


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